Born to challenge the negativity of those who have no consideration, understanding or respect for women's rugby or women's sport, the #icare movement is one of women’s rugby empowerment.

I knew that I cared, and that my friends, family, and teammates all cared, but it turns out that millions of men, women, and children also think women’s rugby rules. We won't accept ignorance. We deserve respect, and at Ruggette RFC, we’ve created a movement that's empowering women’s rugby players around the world

The #icare Women’s Rugby Empowerment Movement, In A Nutshell

The idea that “nobody cares”, a common comment on social media in response to posts about women’s rugby, comes from a misunderstanding about just exactly how large of an audience it actually has.

Millions of people play, coach, watch, and support women’s rugby, and we thought it was about time our voices were heard.

“If you care about the Women’s Six Nations, about issues affecting the game, about women’s rugby in general. Say it. Post a photo of yourself playing, or your favourite women’s player or women’s team. Talk about what that photo means to you, what it represents. And use the hashtag #ICare.”

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Turning Women’s Rugby Awareness into Women’s Rugby Empowerment

“Up until that moment, I had thought that everything about me had meant I wasn’t going to be good at sport, not that I just hadn’t found the right sport yet.”

How many of us have felt a similar “lightbulb” moment upon being introduced to rugby?

It’s an almost unique experience to women’s rugby - the sense that we’ve felt out of place elsewhere and finally found a sport we could call home. One where our size, our aggression, our a little bit crazy was not only accepted, but viewed as a strength.

We think that strength is what makes women’s rugby empowerment so… powerful. It’s the collective story that everyone is welcome, all are invited, that makes ours such a marketable and enjoyable sport.

 Learn more about how #icare took that idea and turned it into a movement from Talking Rugby Union below:

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#icare Leading Into The Women’s Rugby World Cup

Although the postponement of the 2021 Women’s Six Nations sparked this movement, there’s another *slightly* important tournament that was also postponed:

The Women’s Rugby World Cup.

As the premier showcase of talent across rugby worldwide, the World Cup only comes every four (ish) years. With its delay came a lot of heartbreak, hardship, and… something that women’s rugby players are known for… resilience in the face of diversity.

So, with this quote, we leave you with the message of #icare and, once again, a challenge to make your voices heard:

I have this feeling that in 10 years from now we'll look back and there will be a Wikipedia page about how 2021 was the year that things really took off for women's rugby. Especially considering the rate of growth in the world for people playing, I think it's going to be monumental.”

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